Saturday, July 20, 2013

Carrot of Sales Joining the Stick of Regulation

In terms of human resources, the corporate diversity initiatives that opened the doors to many minorities have largely excluded the applicant with a disability. The consumer recognition that kicked in after the civil rights battle over the right to work was won never materialized for people with disabilities – at least not yet. … [D]iscrimination rooted in fear has subverted what mechanisms are in place to advance the prospects of workers with disabilities. … Decades ago the barriers hampering women and racial minorities were broken down through legal and political activism. Fearing the stick of lawsuits, fines, and boycotts, corporations complied with the laws generated in the sixties. The secondary wave of thinking on diversity has long since been apparent: profits are reaped by tapping minority markets. Once the carrot of sales joins the stick of regulation, the business case for [disability] diversity is solidly made.
Disability and Business: Best Practices and Strategies for Inclusion

Charles A. Riley, II, 2 (2006)

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